Here is what TCA said about The Cajun Heritage Fest

Texas Commission on the Arts is a proud sponsor of the Cajun Heritage Fest

The Texas Commission on the Arts‘ (TCA)  grant panelists reviewed the application for assistance submitted by the Southeast Texas Arts Council (SETAC) on behalf of the Cajun Heritage Fest and here is what they had to say:

In my opinion, SETAC is helping revive lost traditions in their community, which demonstrates a great cultural impact and has the ability to draw new audiences to the area, particularly with the intercity publication.”

As the Fest grows each year, organizers at SETAC are looking to expand the celebration of Cajun culture beyond food and music and into the realms of history, craft and influence on the arts (literature, film, etc).

The listed participants seem to be high quality, especially for a relatively new festival. I like the involvement of students from Lamar University.”

The Cajun Heritage Fest isn’t just for self-identified Cajuns either. The Acadian travelers had a heavy influence on the Gulf Coast region that touches all the area’s modern inhabitants in ways they may or may not be aware of. Drawing in students from Lamar University in Port Arthur to provide them with real-world training opportunities allows them to grow in both technical proficiency and cultural appreciation!

One panelist expressed a hopeful outlook based on SETAC’s consistency in event planning and execution.

I believe that Artistic Quality will be an area where there is room for growth as the event is put on year after year.”

The application scored high in all categories resulting in an overall A rating.

Artistic Quality: 90 %
Capability: 92 %
Impact: 92 %